Importance Of Getting Car Insurance Quotes

Many people who get upset by the higher car insurance premiums do not recognize that it is extremely important to protect their assets and financial position in the face of any tragic situation. With the emergence of internet, it is now easy to find out the most cost effective car insurance quotes. The authentic website help you get car insurance quotes from rodney d young, rodneydyoung insurance and ensure that you get the best deal possible. Car insurance quotes available online save you a lot of money and relieve you from the trouble of making calls to various auto insurance providers to get the quotes.

Your tight job schedule and family commitments may make it difficult to find time to shop for and compare car insurance quotes of top insurance companies. Car insurance comparison service available online helps you get car insurance quotes almost instantly. You just need to enter your zip code and click on go. You are then provided with a list of reputable car insurance companies in your area and their insurance quotes. You can get multiple car insurance quotes, compare them and choose the best coverage that is available at affordable rates conveniently from your home.

Finding the best car insurance quotes is crucial to protect your vehicle, no matter whether you are a first time car buyer or a collector of classic automobiles. You can get the help of online service provider who has partnered with reputable car insurance companies to help you get car insurance quotes you want at the price suitable to your budget. Having car insurance can offer plenty of benefits. Moreover, it is mandatory to have car insurance in many states.

The reliable online service provider is dedicated to provide the best possible service. Apart from providing the best car insurance quotes, they offer you a lot of information that helps you make the best decision. You can easily access to the best insurance rates and make use of their resources like articles section that help you get all the information you need regarding car insurance, tips for getting the cheap and best car insurance quotes and much more. You just need to type in your zip code in the box provided to begin the process of finding the best car insurance quotes.

Some people misinterpret getting car insurance quotes online may take hours in navigating through numerous website and may need to give a lot of personal information. However, the reliable websites like has taken all the troubles out of the process. If you want to get accurate car insurance quotes, you need to give little personal information, such as your name and residential address.

Your answers will remain confidential and secure. It just takes five to ten minutes to get a fast, secure and accurate quote. You can find the best car insurance quotes from the comfort of your home by shopping online. You can get rid of the hassles of phone calls and personal meetings with loud-mouthed insurance agents, who try to sell insurance coverage you do not need.

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Business Casual Dress – What is Business Casual?

Business casual dress causes a great deal of confusion in the workplace. What exactly should you wear? Are jeans acceptable?

Here’s an explanation of what business casual means, and how you can put together a wardrobe that still looks professional.

Business casual dress is a combination of the formal, dark colors of business wear, with the relaxed, comfortable look of casual wear. But be careful. It’s not weekend wear, or sportswear. It’s somewhere in the middle ground. It combines the professionalism of business dress with the comfort of casual dress, to create a smart, polished office look that’s a step below business formal.

Here are 5 tips to guide you in planning your wardrobe.

1. If you wear business formal dress (a suit) to work everyday, and are now allowed to wear business casual on Fridays, dress one notch down. So you can wear a jacket and pants, but men can remove their tie. Or women can wear a pants suit instead of a suit with a jacket.

2. If your company allows you to wear business casual dress every day, when you are working in the office or for sales meetings, you still need to look professional. You don’t have to wear a suit, but you should wear neat separates. This would include a crisp blouse or shirt, or a nice sweater with pressed business pants (or skirt for women).

3. Keep a jacket handy for unexpected meetings or client visits. Most companies that allow business casual in the office still want their employees to dress up when meeting clients.

4. Dress to make your clients feel comfortable. Even if your office is informal, if you visit clients who are more formal or conservative, it’s a good idea to dress to match their environment. You’ll make a better impression, because you are showing them respect when you dress up.

5. Ditch the jeans. Few companies allow jeans with business casual. If you work in an extremely casual environment, such as in software development, and your clients dress the same way, or you don’t meet with clients, jeans may be alright. Again, take your clues from your boss or manager, and from the people you meet with.

Putting together a polished, professional business wardrobe takes time and thought.

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Business Casual Explained

Ask ten different people and everyone would have a different interpretation on what it is, and what can be worn. This has lead to dress down confusion and frequently inappropriate office attire. The key word is “business”. Business casual is not casual dress, but a more casual way of business dressing versus business formal. Problems arise when business casual in the workplace gets too casual. It is not weekend casual, sporting event casual, gym wear such as jogging suits, night club attire, or beach wear. Business Casual means dressing in a professional more relaxed way, yet still looking neat and pulled together.

Whether business casual is designated to Friday or everyday, clarity should be provided in a business casual dress policy. The policy should provide specific guidelines to the employees. Employees who call on clients should be asked to keep a change of clothing in case they have to go outside the office to see a client.


Clothing should be pressed, clean, and not show signs of wear.
No offensive clothing that has words or pictures that could offend others.
No clothing that reveals too much cleavage, your back, chest, stomach or your underwear.
Clothing shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy.
If jeans are allowed they should be dress jeans in a dark denim.
Avoid trendy.

Guidelines For Women:

Casual pressed pants, tailored pants or dressy capris. Avoid shorts and leggings.
Skirts. Avoid too short, floor length and high slits.
Tops: Collared shirts, conservative sweaters, cardigans and sweater sets.
Casual dresses. Avoid party dresses, floor length dresses, and sundresses.
Hosiery is not essential in the summer for business casual.
Shoes: Can be opened toed or a dressy sandal for the summer. Avoid thongs, flip flops or beach like sandals. In the winter a closed toe shoe or conservative boot.
Jewelry: Avoid extremes.

Guidelines For Men:

A sports jacket
Collared Shirt, polo shirts, knit shirts with collars
Ties are not necessary
Dress sweaters such as a turtleneck or crewneck
Tailored pants, Khakis
Shoes can be more casual such as a loafer. Avoid sandals, flip flops, athletic shoes and hiking boots.

One last word of advice, think business before casual.

Pat Elke, Founding President of Advancing With Style is a leading authority and executive advisor in the areas of professional image, business and social etiquette, workplace civility, international business etiquette, and cultural awareness.

Since 1982 she has worked with over 600 corporations and delivered more than 1500 seminars worldwide. Clients range from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, and from political leaders to financial CEO’s.

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